Diane’s running the marathon!

Hi Gals, as some of you know I am running the London Marathon on 28th April… yeah I know a second London marathon for me, I’m slowly getting over that shock!  I’m running with Gordon, we ran the London Marathon together in 2015, Gordon was dressed in 9ft fully feathered Big Bird costume.  Big Bird was a hit, we danced and sung our way around.  It was slow but fun and we intend to repeat it again this time so Gordon is once again donning the Big Bird Costume, it’s the only way I can slow him down to my speed, or rather my lack of speed!.  So it’s smile every mile!

We are raising funds for Phab Kids who do an amazing job to inspire and support children, young people and adults with and without disabilities to make more of life together – breaking down community barriers, reducing social isolation, and creating opportunities for disabled people to enjoy the same activities and challenges as, and alongside, those without a disability.  If you want to make a donation, here is our page, complete with pictures from our last marathon.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about dancing in the rain!

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