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Become a part of our community and collaborate in shaping the future of the global identity industry. There are many opportunities for you to get involved. Become a member and create a profile that we will put on the website to connect with the Women in Identity network including things like how you ended up in the world of identity, what you specialise in, and anything else you want to add in. Check out upcoming events – we keep track of identity events happening worldwide, so you don’t have to. Share your ideas – get involved on our forum for debates on key identity questions. Participate in local Women in Identity or suggest one for your local area. If you’re speaking soon and want to share your slides, get in touch. We want to shout about what you’re doing. We’ll send out regular newsletters to let you know what’s coming up and how you can get involved. If you want maximum Women in Identity, follow us on Twitter/LinkedIn

Who we are

We believe in digital identity solutions for everyone, built by everyone.

Our vision is to inspire, elevate and support a more diverse workforce in the identity industry.