Mailing Lists

We have various communities within Women in Identity, this list is likely to grow over time.  Once you apply we will need to approve your request, you will be notified when your request is approved.

Global Lists


Our main conversation channel, if you need to start somewhere, this is the place.  Expect technical and professional conversations on topics including Identity, women as role models, how to help each other, items of note in the news, and other topics of interest to the global community.


Notifications about upcoming events or big happenings in the community, anyone is welcome to submit an announcement but be aware that posts will be moderated in this list and will need approval before being posted.


Join this group if you are interested in helping us to organize, run mailing lists, or any other volunteer effort of time and services.  We’ll use this to coordinate, so that the other lists can be kept for technical and professional discussions.

Community Lists

If you believe we are missing a community list and you are willing to moderate, let us know.  We could make these lists more granular, but since we are still testing the efficacy of our technology choice (google groups) we may wait to add more groups until September or October of 2018.


Canadian community of Women in Identity.

WID-Seattle Area

Puget sound community in and around Washington State.

WID-Bay Area

Community in and around San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


Community in and around the District of Colombia, Northern Virginia and stretching to West Virginia.


The European Women in Identity community.

WID-Higher Ed and Research

Community focused on identity and access management in Higher Ed and Research.

Women shaping the future of the identity industry


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