Join our Community Pilot

Give us feedback on a potential peer-to-peer communication tool!

Women in Identity is currently limited by the types of interactions that we can all have with each other.  We have broadcast mechanisms like the website or the twitter account, but nothing that is truly peer-to-peer.

We are asking for a few brave folks to commit to trying out a community platform called Mobilize (registration link below).  Mobilize gives us features like self-service member management (ie registration and profiles),  threaded group-based conversations, events & polling, ability to send bulk emails when we want to make announcements.  You can either treat the platform as an email distribution list, or you can download the mobile app and treat the platform like Slack, with real-time notifications and a native interface. If we can find the funding to buy the big fancy version, we can brand everything and use SSO too.

Today, we are using the free version, which only allows us to have three groups.  But imagine a case where every woman in identity can subscribe to groups that allow them to meet people who share locality, share industry vertical, share a particular crazy visionary idea.  We think that this platform could enable such a future.

If you are willing to join the pilot and then give us feedback, use this registration link to start, don’t forget that platform content might be deleted in future and that memberships & member information is pretty open right now (all members can see your name, picture, and corporate affiliation), how we lock it down is part of the feedback we need.

Thanks for your help!


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